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As a business associate, mentor and friend Andrey is an incredible person and business man. He puts his all into over-delivering everything he promises. His energy is vibrant, and smile contagious. He is always there to assist, guide and teach. He has an absolutely remarkable passion for real estate. He breathes, eats and sleeps it, literally! I admire his ability to connect with people and speak from the heart. Put your trust in him, and I can assure you that Andrey will not let you down. Its been my absolute privilege and pleasure to work alongside you that last couple of years. A truly touching experience working with someone as  genuine and real as you are.

Arthur Tubman

Co-Founder of Social Media Altitude and Free Blog Factory


I have had the pleasure of knowing Andrey for about 2 years now and he is by far the hardest working most ethical Real Estate Entrepreneur I know. He is passionate about what he does and is absolutely committed to finding the best deals in todays market. He understands every aspect of the Real Estate process and I am privledged to call him a partner and more importantly a friend.


Joshua Zamora
Zamurai Mastermind – CEO


It is a pleasure to work with Andrey. His honesty, professionalism and knowledge is refreshing. He is passionate about real estate and about helping people and that combination makes him the perfect candidate to fulfill your real estate needs.

Yvette White
Prodigy27 Studios


Andrey is a phenomenal and trustworthy business associate and friend, not only does he bring integrity into everything that he does he knows how to get things done! While other people claim to make things happen Andrey doesn’t stop unless it happens. His passion for real estate, simply put, will blow you away.


-Antonio Rillera
Investment Heroes


I wanted to Express how Much I appreciate your Friendship. It’s very hard to find people
with a work ethic like yours. I have closed a few deals with you at the start of my Journey in Real Estate. It has been fun and I know it’s only the very beginning. You have made incredible Income in this Business of Real Estate. I feel you are the True Definition of the American Dream. I know you have had many Hardships in the past and many Successful Victories in the Present. This is why you are a Champion. I would like to Thank you for all your Service you have provided for my business and my personal life.
Andrey you are a True Leader ! Let’s Get Back to Work and Create more Success Stories.

erik collazo

Erik Collazo
Real Estate Investor – Consultant


Andrey Rossin is an exceptional friend, leader, and real estate superstar. He is my go to guy when it comes to all things real estate. You will not find a more educated, self aware agent or investor in South Florida.


Cory Shanes
Entrepreneur – CoreSolutions – CEO


Andrey Rossin is a great realtor with knowledge for today market and proper price advice. He is very motivated, hard working agent and his company 24/7 stands name is absolutely correct, he is never off the job and you have to stop him working on holidays. Strongly recommend.

Ekaterina Mironova

Pamela Johnson (client) Pamela hired you as a Real Estate Agent in 2007 and hired you more than once Top qualities: Personable, Expert, On Time
“I worked with Andrey Rossin on a deal where another Broker had abandoned the file. The deal eventually fell through because of a disgruntal seller however, Andrey quickly stepped up to the plate and located me another property that was more attractive in a desirable location with less money out of pocket. Andrey was always on time and appeared to really care about my exposure in the transaction. I would definitely recommend Andrey to other clients. Pamela Johnson” January 30, 2010
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Liz Rodriguez, Realtor, Century 21 Oceanfront Realty (colleague)
worked directly with you
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Andrey for several years. Simply put, Andrey is an energetic professional with the highest regard for ethics.” September 24, 2010

Kyle Griffith, CEO, NRU Wealth Builders (business partner)
was with another company when working with you
“Andre is huge asset to our Real Estate community. He has a heart of gold and an enormous passion for Real Estate that is infectious and unstoppable. Andre has created huge success for many people that he has worked with and he is always looking out assist other people change the quality of their lives through Real Estate Investing and Business Ownership. You deserve to have Andre in your corner.” January 4, 2009

Andres Garcia, Owner, CitySide International Corporation (business partner)
was with another company when working with you
“Andrey is mentaly strong and focused. His controlled sense of urgency ensures that things are handled quickly and efficiently. Positiveness flows thorugh him it makes him pleasure to work with” April 24, 2009

Jon Rubin, ISA, Nouveau Riche University (colleague)
worked directly with you
“andrey has always been willing to share his vast experience in r.e.i. with me to help my r.e.i. business grow and work together to create better business relations with everyone.” February 3, 2010

From Michael Alekseyev . With Andrey  Rossin i had unusually wonderful real estate dealing experience . Very friendly ,professional , attentive service. Responsible ,timely and knowledgeable  Anrey
literally led me through very complicated short sale of my 3 Sunny Isles condominiums , always keeping my interest first in his heart. I am absolutely amassed that i was so lucky to find such a caring agent with absolute level of integrity and honor in the time of my difficulties .In my experience of dealing with Andrey i always felt that this man was obviously send to me by God.
I can practically guarantee success and pleasant experience no meter how complicated the deal.
If no one can help – he will.  I write these with enormous gratitude – Andrey Rossin  saved me
from inevitable financial and subsequently personal disaster.
Michael Alekseyev Jan,20th,2011

I am very happy with my realtors performance and know him as an honest and hardworking professional.Thank you ,Andrey, for taking time and attention in handling my shortsale.Mikhail Gelfand march 28th,2011.

Yvette White
Andrey was amazing with my short sale, he was diligent and very thorough.  We were able to close on the property in record timing!  I recommend him to everyone I know that has real estate needs.