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Super Tall

Cashflow In Miami
November 23, 2021
Another Super Tall is Coming Right Behind the Church!!?

609 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33131

Developer 13th Floor Investments is behind the new proposal.

The potential supertall would be built on the First Miami Presbyterian Church property at 609 Brickell Avenue.

Plans show that the project would be built on what is currently a surface parking lot. A building housing the Key Point Christian Academy building would also be demolished.

The church building itself would not be demolished. It dates to 1949 and has been declared historic by the city of Miami.

Miami-Dade slapped the church with $7 million in back taxes in 2019 for using part of the property for private purposes – likely a motivating factor in seeking outside investment.

Under the 13th Floor proposal, the church would reportedly receive a staggering $240 million. The developer would also build new congregation space for the church (it isn’t clear if that space is included in the value of compensation).

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