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Real Estate

Peach coming to Overtown.

Cashflow In Miami
November 16, 2022
Peach coming to Overtown.
NW 14th st, Overtown

PROJECT PEACH will incorporate and complement the historic Overtown neighborhood and the 14th Street mixed-use commercial corridor in the pursuit of a high-quality infill development which brings vitality back to the streetscape. The mixed-use development will provide opportunities for local entrepreneurs and non-profits to have a central address which serves the Overtown residents as a “Village Center.”

The mixed-use 50% AMI work-live residences development at PROJECT PEACH will deliver an economic impact far beyond commercial development. Together with the intangible impacts of positive investment on a currenlty vacant infill lot, numerous economic and social cost-benefits will be enjoyed by the wider Overtown community. With the commitment of the OMNI CRA, Knight Foundation, and FCLF support, this cool building might go vertical soon.

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