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M Tower Coming?

Cashflow In Miami
February 15, 2022

Downtown Miami’s 49-story M-Tower Appears to be in Redesign!!

56 SW 1st St, Miami, FL 33130

M-Tower is being developed in a partnership between the Miami Parking Authority and a private developer. New design by architect NBWW. Previous designs were by Zyscovich Architects.

According to the new plans, M-Tower is proposed to include:

624 residential units

Residential amenities

Ground floor retail, and offices for the MPA

717 parking spaces (replacing an existing 658-space garage)

The previous plans for M-Tower called for:

440 residential units

818 parking spaces (expanding an existing 658-space garage)

The new proposed tower height is 49 stories, or 504 feet. Previously, it was proposed at 53 stories, or 629 feet.

Also new: instead of refurbishing an older MPA garage on the site, it would be demolished and completely rebuilt.

Downtown 1st Street LLC, an affiliate of Lions Group NYC, purchased the private portion of the property earlier this year for $10 million.

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