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Indian Creek

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November 1, 2021
New  29 Indian Creek is coming 2022!!

2901 and 2911 Indian Creek Drive, Miami Beach

The new development  involves demolition of two of the buildings while restoring, relocating, reorienting, and raising the western building at 2911 Indian Creek which was designed by Schoeppl & Southwell and constructed in 1936. The building, which has been obscured from public view for 60 years following the construction of a building in 1962, will be relocated to face Indian Creek and elevated five feet. Behind is a new six-story multi-family residential building along 29th Street. The project is designed by Urban Robot Associates.

The ongoing City road-raising project in the area “will involve the raising of both Indian Creek Drive and 29 Street significantly… [T]he Indian Creek Drive sidewalk will be raised over two feet from its current location. 29 Street will be similarly raised in order to harmonize that street with the new Indian Creek Drive elevation.

Architect JJ Wood said moving the 1936 contributing structure to “front and center” facing Indian Creek will make it “the star of the show.” The historic structure will be turned into two townhouses.

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