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Art Container

Cashflow In Miami
November 20, 2021

Container housing being developed to create affordable creative community!

Broadway between 27th and 28th Streets, Northwood, West Palm Beach

Arts on Broadway is a residential development coming soon to Palm Beach County, FL. The project is estimated to cost anywhere from $4.5 million to $6 million.

Per the City of West Palm Beach, the “artist housing” community will comprise 52 units. Twenty-seven of those units are intended to serve as workforce housing, meaning that they are designed for affordability. These units will be repurposed out of steel-framed shipping units sourced from the Netherlands. They are estimated to cost anywhere from $900 to $1,400 a month. The designs are one to two-bedroom apartments, measuring anywhere from 640 to 940 square feet.

The development will be located on 1.31 acres of land. In addition to the residential spaces, there will be over 55,000 square feet designated for retailers. The retailers will be separate from the housing developments, measuring one story above grade.

The project is being managed by Crisis Housing Solutions. Based out of Davie, FL. The organization seeks to provide housing to those who need it.

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