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Liberty city

Liberty city

Liberty city aka Model city aka pork n beans aka Liberty square (which it basically came out of in the 1933 where the very first housing project in the US history was built ) is definitely has some great section 8 deals and with the right quite streets and right price buy even fix and flips.

As of 2010 population was 19,725.The zip is 33127 for Liberty city. There are no condos, but a few houses are offered with least expensive 1438 sq ft one 754 nw 61 st 3/1 offered for only $59,900 deal and they got all the way up to subsidized rented properties up to $150,000.

It definitely must be mentioned that there are lots of movement happening around the rejuvenation of the area and there are a few 5-6 year plans in the works to build 1572- mixed use residential units with half public housing, History Miami Museum, health center, retail and community center.

Back in 2000 411 homes got razed in the James E Scott housing project ( called troubled development) where quite a few tenants were displaced after a promise of coming back to new residences. We for sure hope that wont happen this time, however, as an investor you can definitely help by buying one house at a time and creating a clean, peaceful and healthy environment for your voucher tenants.